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A Brief Company Introduction


A Brief Company Introduction
Shenzhen New-environmental (XinHuan) Mechanical Engineering & Equipment Co., LTD, in which (XinHuan) means new-environment, is a large share holding company. To manufacture of high quality equipments for pollution control and to provide of engineering & project management for turn-key projects are two major focus of XinHuan. Besides that, XinHuan is an investor & operator of pollution control facilities, and also, is a licensed trader in dealing with equipment imports & exports.

XinHuan commits to promote China pollution control industry. XinHuan (and) has been endeavoring at innovation in order to provide world class equipments and technologies through continuous research & development. XinHuan has accomplished many excellent engineering designs and installations. Some of them were granted as “model projects”.  After years dedication to environmental industry, Xinhua has been awarded honors such as national “well quality, well known brand”, provincial “leading enterprise of environmental industry” and “Hi-tech enterprise” of Shenzhen.

In the segment of equipment manufacturing, XinHuan produces full range of equipments such as belt filter press, sedimentation tank sludge scraper & suction dredger screens and other customized equipments for wastewater treatment. All equipments are certificated to meet high end industrial standard, and are granted the title of “National Excellent Brand”. In the segment of building turn-key wastewater treatment facilities, XinHuan has profound expertise in municipal sewage treatment, textile wastewater treatment, electroplating wastewater treatment, pulp mill wastewater treatment, hospital sewage treatment, etc.  Recently, Xinhuan is entering into applications of odor control and on-line monitoring instruments installation and has achieved outstanding satisfactory of customers.

With ever-accelerated innovative environmental protection technologis and environment-friendly products, XinHuan cooperates with numerous customers to reappear of blue sky and white cloud through unremitting endeavor.

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